Expert Clover MarketplaceApp Development


The Clover platform has revolutionized the way merchants accept payments by way of its cloud based API and its Android-powered Point-of-Sale (POS) devices. Our team at Skytz Software Labsare recognized experts in custom Clover app development, with a deep knowledge of the Clover platform and expertise in building point-of-sale, inventory and order management apps that run across all Clover devices and integrate with a variety of hardware devices, cloud providers and mobile app platforms.

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Who We Are

Skytz Software Labsis an award winning product development agency that is recognized as one of the leading Android app development firms in the world. Our deep expertise in building a wide range of products on Android has extended to the Clover Android-based platform. Our team of Clover app developers and product designers understand the capabilities offered by the Clover platform and have built customized Clover app experiences that range from customized register apps to self-service ticketing kiosks. Our expertise in building Clover based POS solutions is simply unmatched in the industry as our team has pushed the Clover platform to its very limits as we’ve developed proprietary integrations with a wide range of RFID scanners, USB printers, bill acceptors and card dispensers.

Our Work on Clover: Magic Money

Skytz Software Labs has partnered with Kia Accessories to build a completely cash-less RFID-based ticketing system for music festivals, carnivals and fairs built upon the Clover POS platform. With this solution, the Skytz Software team has enabled festival operators to massively reduce fraud and theft and labor costs by creating a customized set of Clover apps that turn the device into a self-service ticketing kiosk that dispenses RFID tickets via a USB connected printer. Far from being a set of stand alone Clover apps, the team at Skytz Software Labshas integrated the Clover system fully into the Kia Accessories solution, tying together a suite of iPhone and Android apps along with a reporting and management backend interface to the Clover ecosystem.

Expert Clover App Developers

As the Clover platform continues to mature and its adoption spreads, the potential opportunities offered to merchants through its extensibility and ease-of-use make it the premier POS platform for the future. The team at Skytz Software Labsunderstands the power of the Clover platform and has an unmatched track record of success in bringing to life POS apps that take advantage of the Clover’s capabilities to provide merchants with powerful, customized Clover apps to support their business goals. Whether it is self-service kiosks, to customized inventory and register apps, if you can dream it to run on a Clover, we can build it.

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