Design Sprints

User feedback on a functioning prototype in only 5 days

The process

Design Sprint solves big problems by letting you test new ideas in just 5 days

Product designer, Jake Knapp, known for his 150+ works with Google and Google Ventures developed the Design Sprint process. Today, this process has proven to be the catalyst to launch or redefine multi-million-dollar products such as Facebook, Slack, Airbnb, and many others

Over a five-day span, a small team of multi-disciplined designers and developers work with experts to develop a product. The Design Sprint includes everything beginning with setting goals, creating a working prototype and collecting user feedback. It’s with this process that we at Skytz Software Labsbring projects to life.

A bird’s eye view of the Design Sprint

Over the course of a week, exercises in Design Thinking are conducted to spur development through alignment based on user experience (UX.) This human-centric process allows designers to understand user interaction capture this in the design. A full day is dedicated to user testing of the prototype to rapidly accelerate feedback-based development.

A Sprint is a 1-week hackathon which includes Design Thinking exercises to ensure alignment and human-centered design. It also includes a whole day of user testing with the prototype, to accelerate learning.


The Design Sprint Week

Selecting goals
  • Check

    Expert interviews

  • Check

    Mapping challenges

Idea generation
  • Check

    Lightning demos

  • Check

    Idea sketching

  • Check

    Heatmap voting

  • Check


  • Check

    Create a functional prototype!

User testing
  • Check

    Test with 5 users

  • Check

    Gather feedback and review

What Are Sprints For?

Costs from switching context, communication barriers and other inefficiencies with exchanges over long development periods stifle the process. A Design Sprint removes these problems and provides a great ROI – teams channel in on the challenge to experience incredible results. By the end of a Sprint, your organization will be well-equipped to breathe life into an idea.

  • Products

    Build New Products

  • Solving problems

    Solve Challenging Problems

  • New Ideas

    Experiment with Ideas

  • Alignment

    Align Efforts

  • Creating a plan

    Develop a Roadmap

  • Innovation

    Drive Innovation

  • Campaign

    Develop a Successful Campaign

  • Users

    Learn from User Feedback

  • Momentum

    Churn Momentum

What Outcome Should I Expect?

After the 5-day Sprint, the prototype we help you develop and user feedback clarifies the next steps. From here, you have the tools you need to refine the idea into a successful product. 


Let Skytz Software LabsLead Your Design Sprint

We select the best talent for your Design Sprint – our team understands how to foster unity through years of experience. Our people know the process and work with your team to help you understand your goals, develop a strategy then create a fantastic product.

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